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Japanese Maple Tree

These trees have the botanical name Acer palmatum. Their natural habitat in addition to Japan is China, Eastern Mongolia, Korea as well as South East Russia. Various Cultivars of this tree are selected and are around the world and sold by various places such as The Tree Center.

These trees reach around 10 meters and are deciduous in nature. They grow as understory plants in woodlands that are shady, and they have various trunks which join near the ground. These trees are shaped like a hemisphere or are dome shaped when mature.

Each of these leaves is between 4 – 12 cms long and they are wide. They are lobed palmately and have 5, 7 or 9 lobes which are pointed. The flowers of these trees are produced in cymes, and the individual flower has five whitish petals, with five sepals which are either purple or red, and the fruit of the tree are winged samaras. Each of these samaras contains a seed of 6 – 8 mm and is 2 – 3 cms long. To germinate, stratification is required. That is why places like The Tree Center sell these tiny trees.

These trees have a countless number of forms, colors, sizes and leaf types. Some of them are tolerant of the sun, but most prefer part shade especially when the climate is hot. If the place is too hot, the leaves shrivel up in summer but in spring, the trees are known to sprout new leaves. In places that are very cold, the branches either get damaged or die due to harsh winter and snow in particular, but the stem is known to sprout again once the weather improves. These trees if given sufficient water are known to last for years. In arid and drought conditions, though, they may die, and so sufficient water is needed to be given to the trees. These trees are known to blend well with the other plants that are there, and they are sold by The Tree Center mainly as borders and along ornamental paths.

People buy Japanese Maple from The Tree Center and other places as they are ideal for growing in small gardens. As these trees stay at 15 feet for a long time, they are the best option. Incase the owner decides, by pruning these trees can be kept at the size they want forever. These also due to this factor can be grown in planters boxes as well as in large containers.