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Hypothetical Garden Furniture

Wishful Thinking

One of the reasons so many Britons purchase garden furniture might be wishful thinking. Humans have a tendency to hope for the best, and many of the average person’s purchases will be made with the ‘what if’s…’ as much in mind as the actual conditions. In other words, when purchasing a garden set, a British home-owner may be envisioning a hypothetical months-long spell of sunshine and pleasant weather, as much as anticipating the usual week or so they are likely to get. In this regard, something like a garden set could also serve as a ‘feel-good’ purchase, to boost a home-owner’s hopes that, as the old song says, ‘the sun will come out tomorrow.’


The average Brit loves to entertain, regardless of weather, and the best functions tend to be thrown outside, or at the very least in a spacious and pleasant-feeling area. It is why so many British homes, particularly larger ones, have a conservatory, refurbished shed or a closed-off patio reserved for this exact purpose. Garden furniture could potentially be bought to decorate these areas, in order to give them a cosy and inviting feel. Rattan furniture in particular is quite common in conservatories, so this could partially help explain the popularity of at least this material among British consumers.


The third and final reason which might help explain the popularity of garden furniture in a region with weather as inclement as the United Kingdom is, quite simply, aesthetic appeal. Since modern garden furniture tends to be designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, it is possible that many of the home-owners who purchase garden sets are doing so purely because they think it adds to the visual appeal of their garden. Rather than the wishful thinking tendencies described above, it is possible that the reason for these home-owners to purchase garden chairs, tables or sofas is the exact opposite: they are under no illusions about making extensive use of their new furniture, but they simply think it looks good in their garden, patio or conservatory.