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About Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Beer Gardens

Beer gardens tend to go for one of two aesthetics: either a rustic look, based around rough wood furniture and accessories, or a classier and more upscale look. This latter type of decor, in particular, tends to make heavy use of the aesthetic appeal of rattan outdoor furniture, and this type of piece is growing increasingly popular among pub landlords and bar owners as a result. Typical rattan items to be found in a beer garden include tables, chairs, and in certain cases sofas.

Bar and Coffee Shop Seating Areas

Another common type of public area to make heavy use of rattan outdoor furniture are outdoor seating spaces for coffee shops, hotels, bars and restaurants. The understated, yet classy look this type of furniture tends to boast makes highly appealing to this type of establishment, and managers wishing to give their shop, bar or hotel an upscale and inviting look tend to go for it quite often as a result. Pricier establishments or those located in tourist or commerce-heavy areas, in particular, tend to make recurring use of rattan outdoor furniture, in a bid to make their outdoor seating areas appealing to passers-by and thereby attract customers.

Beachfront Bars

Rattan outdoor furniture may be most popular in gardens and patios, but that is far from the only use it can be put to. In fact, its weather-resistant and highly durable nature makes it perfect for a less conventional, but no less effective purpose: serving as outdoor furniture for trendy beachfront bars or cafes.

Traditionally, these establishments have seen themselves forced to resort to plastic furniture, due to the highly wearing effect of sea winds and sand on materials such as wood. Synthetic rattan, however, gives owners of bars and restaurants along the beach a fresh, much more appealing-looking alternative for outdoor furniture, as these pieces are renowned for their ability to withstand the elements. Exposure to sun, sea winds, sand or even heavy coastal rains is likely to have little to no effect on rattan outdoor furniture, making it the perfect choice for beachfront bar managers wanting to give their establishments a classy, cosy look.

Natural Spaces

Finally, the use of rattan outdoor furniture in natural areas such as parks, zoos and reserves cannot be neglected. This type of furniture has an understated, earthy look which mixes very well with the overall natural aesthetic the managers and caretakers of these types of areas tend to go for.